Why S&W?

Ethics, Honesty, Professionalism, Experience

  • S&W offers a full-service experience.
  • S&W believes in doing the right thing for each and every one of our customers, a value instilled in our employees.
  • S&W excels in the latest phone system technology.
  • S&W designs and implements the correct internet and dial tone services for your specific requirements.
  • S&W offers true value for all our services.
  • S&W is the company you can TRUST and the company who stands behind its products and services.
  • S&W is the best business and the most honest company you will ever work with, whose competitive prices go hand-in-hand with great products and great services. Since 1987, S&W's expertise and character is the foundation on which we operates.
  • Call today: 818-786-7050.

Our Process

Beginning with your initial phone call, our trained and experienced professional staff determines the best options for your particular situation. Whether a large or small business, house or cabling project, we will determine which system and package best suit your particular needs. We send our site surveyor to set up a room-by-room customized telecommunications system according to your desires and needs for your business.

S&W will then set up an installation date when our telecommunication experts install your customized system with accessories, new internet cabling and new voicemail as well as the appropriate ancillary products. After the seamless installation of your state-of-art system and products, S&W sends out an expert to train your staff and further customize your options. We will also help you purchase your business phone lines and bandwidth, saving you all the hassle of working with the phone company.