Our Team

S&W's staff is top notch, having an average of over 15 years of employment with the company. Our staff is trained in a multitude of different telecommunications systems, have installed over 5,000 phone systems, and have visited over 15,000 customers' locations, doing everything from running cable to installing phone jacks. We take pride in having a friendly and knowledgeable staff available to assist you in making sure all your telecommunication's needs are being met.


Steve Wold S and W President

Steve Wold started in the telephone industry in 1978 as a purchasing agent. He went on to work for several large Interconnect Telephone companies as Operations Manager and in sales. With this experience in his pocket, he decided to start S&W Communications in February 1987 on the premise that a business can provide exceptional service to customers and remain honest in business. He currently oversees S & W's operations, accounting, and administration, while serving as its President. Having lived in Los Angeles his entire life, he continues to make a positive impact in his local community and in the L.A. business community at large, serving previously as President of the Executive Association of the San Fernado Valley, is an active member of All Cities Network, and enjoys spending time with family and keeping up with sports.

Sales Team

Karen Schatz S and W Sales

Karen Schatz has been in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years. She has an innate ability to understand each customer’s specific needs and provide customized solutions that best fit their business requirements. Karen has forged a reputation among clients and throughout the business community for integrity, responsiveness, product knowledge and always providing the highest level of customer service. Karen’s strength is her focus on the intersection of client service and emerging technology. She is passionate about the industry and her customers benefit from her vast knowledge of existing and emerging technology solutions. Always putting the customer first, she provides personal oversight of all installation and service projects and flawlessly translates highly technical concepts into meaningful information. Karen works with business owners across all industries to fulfill all of their telecommunication needs. Karen is also an active member of the Provisors community.

Lead Technician

Nolan Lee SandW Technician

Nolan Lee has been with S&W since June of 1988. In addition to being certified on every system S&W sells, Nolan plays a key role in the company. Nolan has strong installation and programming skills, and with his vast experience he can advise and curtail many potential problems. His expertise and dedication are partially why S&W has satisfied so many customers through out the years. His unrivalled workmanship along with S&W's top-of-the-line service and technology defines the company's quality and excellence along with our providing top of the line service and technology.

Marketing Team

SandW Marketing

Aaron Wold started in the telephone industry in 1987 as the child of S&W's President. He went on to attend a top 50 university, obtain a Master's Degree, and learn social media marketing and web design. With this experience in his pocket, he came back to help at S&W Communications in the summer of 2012. Although stationed in New York, he managed to help the company to keep up in the new century by bridging the gap between the great reputation S&W had built up by word of mouth and the increase their presence in the emerging online social arena. His advice to the company has already impacted S&W in a powerful way and continues to help to bring new ideas and energy to the company. He looks forward to bringing new efforts and ideas to S&W and spending quality time with his young family.