Multi-Site Phone Networks

Connecting Locations By Phone

VoIP business phone systems allow enterprises to unite employees across the entire organization seamlessly. VOIP distributed architecture has been designed so they can communicate as if all enterprises were located in the same building with a single telephone system.

  • Does your business have multiple buildings within the same city? How about buildings in other cities or countries? S&W can offer you an efficient way to connect all your locations via your phone network.
  • WAN, or wide area networks are carried on the internet. Normal telephone traffic between locations is converted to data packets that are transmitted over your high speed data connection.
  • Your phone system should be a business tool with abilities like using intercom from city to city and getting your voice mail on your email.
  • Let S&W design your telephones and bandwidth so your employees around the world work as if they’re in the office next door.
  • S&W can also help you with your High Definition Video Conferencing when voice alone isn’t enough.

Additional Features:

  • Unifies and streamlines all communications.
  • Seamless employee communications.
  • Company wide extension plan, regardless of city.