Digital/VoIP Products

Digital Products versus VoIP Products

The Digital Argument

Digital telephone systems have evolved from analog technology. Some manufacturers, like Panasonic, not only make best-selling digital systems, but also manufacture an analog one.

Digital systems represented by S & W use analog and VOIP telephones as well as digital telephones. There are proprietary interfaces which allow you to mix and match.

Features like voice-mail-to-email are a great reason to either upgrade or purchase a digital system. Digital systems offer a more software-based solution, and many upgrades are done via their processors.

Wiring on digital telephones, as a standard, use 2 wires (1pair) as opposed to analog phones requiring 4 wires (2 pair). More features and less wiring, as the world evolves doing more with less!

The VoIP Argument

VOIP phones or IP phones use voice-over internet protocol. In other words, they use internet instead of plain dial tone provided by a carrier like AT&T or Verizon to make and receive phone calls.

VOIP phones can be a simple software based softphones or hardphones using an off site provider (cloud based).

VOIP in house systems use a server to connect to the internet, and as with the ALLWORX VOIP system, can customize the user friendliness of a digital system, while using the latest in technology.

To communicate between the computer network and the VOIP phone, PoE switches are set up with enough ports to handle the amount of phones.

Bandwidth is the key, you need enough bandwidth to handle all of your data and phone traffic, this S&W can determine what you will need. As an agent for many carriers, S&W can determine and order what is right for you.

Now You Know The Basics, Let S&W Guide You to the Optimum Choice For Your Company

Allow S & W professionals to determine what technology best fits your specific needs. We know reliability is your first and foremost consideration. Other variables we consider when tailoring a telecommunications package for business or residential use includes cost, ease of use, migration paths and your unique business needs. When selecting a phone system package it is important to have professional help during selection, installation, and maintenance, in order to ensure proper performance, best results for your needs, and the guarantee that S&W stands behind its work. Get started on connecting your company to the world in the 21st century - call S&W today - 818-786-7050.