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Connecting with your customers is essential for your business success. S&W offers solutions that enable you to connect while staying cost- effective. Communicate seamlessly with a new telephone system, either digital or VoIP. Hard-wired Internet ports ensure maximum speed and consistent up-time, & integrated telecommunications solutions allow your phone and computer to easily work together for your benefit. When choosing that new system, S&W will spend the time with you before implementation to not only recommend the best system for you, but also to design that system with ease of use & practical features that will help your business daily.

Voice Mail to Email allows you to get your messages not only on your phone, but also to your email address. Push one button on your phone for paging, intercom, speed dialing and much, much more.

Case Study 1 --- Commercial Real Estate Company

Problem: Customer wanted to work from home seamlessly when necessary.

Solution: S&W designed an IP solution with Samsung that uses digital phones at their office and an IP phone for the home office. Now they can intercom as if in the next office and have voice mail to email to be more efficient. Using SIP trunks have a more cost effective, easy to use seamless solution.

Case Study 2 --- Manufacture of motorized Bicycles

Problem: With their manufacturing arm in China, daily communications and data were a concern.

Solution: Customer has a large facility and a large warehouse. In addition to installing over 60 phones in their local facility, S&W provided a VOIP phone system from Allworx and arranged Bandwidth to service both their voice and data needs. Results have been as expected; business is booming.

Case Study 3 --- Shoe Distributor

Problem: How to expand the company without purchasing a new phone system each time?

Solution: As a long time customer, they have moved four times, each time to a larger facility. S&W provided a Panasonic Converged IP system with room to grow. Digital phones, external paging and a PRI circuit for DID lines and Bandwidth for their network. Now they are saving money on their monthly bill and have phone expansion ability for at least four more moves.